dimanche 18 novembre 2007

Julien P.- Guillaume S. - Jérémy H. - Christophe C.

Our future life

In a future life, we want to make a family and have a home with children. Our plans are to find a great job to earn a lot of money. We want to have a job in electricity or in aeroplane. Life is very difficult and we are hoping that we will succeed our plan.


Relationship with family is different from relationship with friends. Family implies respect, love, brotherhood. Then with our friends we like relaxing, to entertain to think about other things. Teachers are here to teach us, to understand us and to cheer us up for our future. With some teachers it is better than with others. In the classroom, the atmosphere is good, some pupils will become friends and some others will stay pupils.

Our interests for the world

We are very interested in politics because we will soon have to vote for the presidential election and it is the citizen’s duty. Environment is very important because we are depending on our environment which is beginning to die because of the greenhouse effect. We are not interested in the fashion phenomenon because we have not the time for window shopping and brands are too much expensive for students. Progress is very interesting because we work in electrotechnics and in this subject the evolution is everywhere.

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