dimanche 21 octobre 2007

Fréderic A - Cédric G - William H - Christophe N

Our ambitions

We would like to have the driving licence and the school living certificate. We would like to get married and to have three children, a house and a beautiful car, to have a good job with a good pay. Somebody wants to engage in the army and the other ones would like to be bosses of a firm .Some would like to work in Canada ,Germany for the pay and the better life condition.

The family and friends

The family is the most important thing for us. This is for this we’re very linked to our family even if we don’t understand every time. Friends are almost as important as family, they allow us to understand our family, there aren’t any taboo subject, and for this complicity they are like a second family.

Current events in the world

Today the world is crazy and disrespectful because war and pollution are at the centre of current events, but otherwise we don’t worry about the global actuality except the disaster like the World Trade Centre and the environment is not our first cause of concern for the moment except the global warming because it is very worrying.

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Quelle surprise!
Hello boys! How are you?
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